Asthma Clinic

Asthma review service

Asthma can be a serious and life threatening conditioning if not managed well; it is also very variable and affects people differently. Understanding your medication and how your condition varies is key to good control.  Our annual reviews are designed to understand how your asthma affects you and what your triggers are. We can then help you choose the most appropriate medication and device that suits you, ensuring you can use it properly and adjust doses if necessary.

We recommend annual review (usually in the month of your birthday) to monitor if your symptoms are changing, reinforce good inhaler technique and explore if any changes to medication would be beneficial. We will write to remind you when your annual review is due if you have not already remembered to book in the month of your birthday.

If you are struggling with symptoms or have had a recent exacerbation or ‘attack’, then you should book a review appointment with one of our asthma nurses and not wait for your annual review.

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Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Having COPD is a lifelong condition; to help you manage your symptoms, maximise your inhaled medication, and prevent exacerbations, we will invite you to attend for a COPD review on an annual basis, usually in the month of your birthday.

The review may include monitoring disease progression through spirometry if your symptoms have changed significantly.

If, at any time, you have any concerns or feel your symptoms are worsening then please book in for a review with a GP or Nurse Practitioner.

Information about COPD

Diabetic Clinic

Optimum management of diabetes is essential to reduce the risk of developing serious health complications such as heart disease, kidney disease, foot problems and blindness.

We will invite you for a review every year in your birthday month so we can help monitor and manage your diabetes.

The review usually consists of 2 appointments:

The first appointment is with a Healthcare Assistant who will take some blood to check your blood glucose (sugar), kidney function and cholesterol levels. They will also weigh you, measure your blood pressure and check the circulation and nerve supply to your legs and feet.

The second appointment (approx. 2 weeks later) is with one of the diabetes nurses who will discuss your results with you.

Sometimes we may need to see patients more frequently than once a year and it is important that if you have any problems or questions between your reviews that you speak to one of the diabetes nurses either by telephone or a face to face appointment.

Use the following link for information about diabetes from Diabetes UK:

Diabetes UK

Immunisation Clinic

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Minor Surgery

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Smoking Cessation

When you have decided that the time is right for you to stop smoking, our dedicated team of smoking cessation advisors are on hand to help you. We offer a 12 week supported quit programme in line with the North Yorkshire County Council Public Health Team where we give a personalised one to one service. In the programme we:

  • Measure and monitor your carbon monoxide levels and assess your level of nicotine addiction.
  • Help you identify your smoking habits and suggest ways that you can change those habits.
  • Help you find the right combination of treatment that is going to work for you.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the treatment and give support and encouragement as often as you need it.

The programme can be extended for longer than 12 weeks, if necessary, and we aim to be as flexible as possible in the provision of mutually convenient appointment times. We aim to fit in around your work or family commitments and will do telephone reviews, if that’s more convenient.

Why wait? Book your appointment now on telephone number 01751 471296, Option 2

You can also go to or call 0800 022 4332 to speak to an advisor Monday to Friday 9am till 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am till 4pm.