First Contact Physiotherapist

Go direct to a Physio without seeing the doctor

Jen Bridle, our First Contact Physiotherapist, works at Pickering Medical Practice on a Tuesday, Thursday morning and Friday.

See Below for more information about the First Contact Physiotherapist Service

To find out more, or to make an appointment, phone the surgery on 01751 471296 and ask for an appointment with the First Contact Physiotherapist

The information below, which is used by our Reception Staff,  may help you to determine if the First Physiotherapy Service is appropriate for you.

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Recent NHS Guidance on the use of Facemasks

When you visit the Surgery you are no longer routinely required to wear a face mask unless it is your preference. HOWEVER if you have respiratory symptoms, or any symptoms which you think could be covid, please wear a face mask as you would have previously.
Staff are also not required to routinely wear a face mask unless it is their preference. However, if they are working with untriaged patients attending with respiratory symptoms, or any symptoms that could be Covid, they will wear a mask and PPE as previously.
This guidance will be reviewed and adjusted if there is a rise in covid cases.

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