New Patients – How to Register with us

You must live in our practice area to register with us. Click here to view our catchment area. Please call at the Pickering Southgate surgery to complete a registration form and bring with you some form of identification, for example, your passport, driving licence or birth certificate. When you register you are placed on one of our doctors’ lists, but you may see any doctor in the Practice.

You must provide the following information:

  • Your title, surname, forenames in full, any previous surnames, date of birth and sex.
  • Your town and country of birth, home address, postcode and telephone number.
  • Your previous address in the UK.
  • The name and address of your previous doctor.

It is helpful if you can tell us your NHS number.

If you are from overseas, you must also tell us:

  • Your first UK address where you registered with a GP.
  • If you were previously resident in the UK, the date you left.
  • The date you first came to live in the UK

If you are returning from the Armed Forces, you must also tell us:

  • Your address before enlisting.
  • Your service or personnel number.
  • Your enlistment date.

If you are visiting the area for up to 15 days and you need to see a doctor, we will register you as a short-term temporary resident. If you are staying in the area for up to 3 months, you can register as a long-term temporary resident. Please call in at Pickering Southgate surgery and complete a registration form.