Disabled Access

Access to our main surgery at Southgate, Pickering is free from steps and steep slopes. Our main entrance door opens and closes automatically. We have a lift to the first floor. All our patient areas are wheelchair accessible and we have a disabled access toilet. There is a disabled parking bay in our rear car park and one at the front of the building.

The ground floor at our branch surgery at Whitbygate, Thornton-le-Dale, is accessible and has a disabled access toilet. The branch surgery does not have a car park.

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Recent NHS Guidance on the use of Facemasks

When you visit the Surgery you are no longer routinely required to wear a face mask unless it is your preference. HOWEVER if you have respiratory symptoms, or any symptoms which you think could be covid, please wear a face mask as you would have previously.
Staff are also not required to routinely wear a face mask unless it is their preference. However, if they are working with untriaged patients attending with respiratory symptoms, or any symptoms that could be Covid, they will wear a mask and PPE as previously.
This guidance will be reviewed and adjusted if there is a rise in covid cases.

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