Patient Participation Group

Did you know the Pickering Medical Practice has one?

Our Patient Participation Group (PPG) is made up of patient representatives who meet regularly with the Practice Manager. We discuss issues that are affecting patient care, and ways we can improve the patient experience.

We are representing YOU, the patient, and we are keen to get YOUR  input.

If you want to raise an issue, or make suggestions about improving services, there are several ways you can do it:

Ask Reception for a form to complete, which you can leave with them

or contact the PPG direct by email  [email protected]

Please remember that the PPG cannot discuss your personal medical issues.


PPG Meeting 11 January 2024


Present – NP (Chair), AB, PC, SD, HS (minutes), DP, JF, SG, NS,

JG (Teams)

Apologies: RY, SD, CC

1. Minutes of last meeting.

Minutes agreed ready for distribution and posting on the website.

2. Matters Arising

A. Outside cabinet this is on hold for further consideration. The main article for display is the locations of Defibrillators in Pickering. Alternatives locations for displaying this information were discussed, up to date locations of current defibrillators is needed especially as more are to be provided. Action NP to follow up.
B. Training for first aid discussed. N.P has looked in to available courses. St John’s Ambulance Service provide free training and York Ambulance Service has been contacted for information.
Action NP to have ongoing discussions and investigations more information to be fed back at a future meeting.

3. Health Promotion.

Internal notice board.
SH said a good use of the board is to provide patients with information about many health issues for example prostate cancer. Many organisations provide up to date visual information on their particular illnesses ideal for the waiting room. 

4. Dr. Will Robertson Urgent Care Team. (U.C.T)

Gave a presentation of the new service.
All practices within our Primary Care Network will have access to this new service.
The aim is to split non urgent care and urgent care.
This enables urgent care cases to be contacted or seen by a clinician the same day. The aim is to free up GPs time therefore reduces waiting time for routine appointments.
Patients will be triaged at initial contact with surgery.
Pickering will have an Urgent Care Hub based in the surgery. The UCT team includes a doctor and nurse practitioners.
Action: the leaflet to be posted on the web site and notice board in the surgery providing more comprehensive information.

5. Practice up Dates

New Signposting System.
N.S. The computer system has a workflow on screen. This prompts questions regarding the reported issues, each answer will introduce another screen with direction to the relevant clinician. For example, Accident and Emergency, physiotherapist, or GP. This avoids patients having to go through different departments therefore ensuring relevant treatment in a timely manner.

Issues reported regarding the sliding doors are not working effectively and the back door sticking. Repair and improvements will be completed in the near future.

6. Staffing up Dates.

Doctor Coppack is retiring at the end of January.
Future staff appointments, 2 GPs will create 1.5 extra sessions. A paramedic will be joining the Practice 2 new receptionists due to commence work soon. Plus 2 trainee GPs are part of the team based in the surgery. 

7. Promoting National Health Service.

S.G. Reported 3 incidents of verbal abuse, causing distress to 3 members of staff. This resulted in letters being sent to the patients involved.
The surgery receive many compliments, however there are also unnecessarily unreasonable comments made. This is a problem right across the health service.

We agreed to include compliments on the notice board.

8. Patients Concerns

None to report.

Any Other Business

Discussed possible venues for first aid training, at the moment more investigating is required to locate appropriate premises.

Next Meeting 14 March 2024.


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